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Blood Glucose Monitoring Made Easy, Best Results in Just 5 Seconds, AST for comfort in Sampling, Aperometer Biosensor Technology, Full Compliance with ISO 15197:2015

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THE élégance® GLUCOMETER RANGE offers you and your healthcare providers a comfortable, precise and extremely reliable way to manage your diabetes. A code-free operation, a minuscule capillary blood volume of just 0.5 μl and a 5 second reading time are the features amongst the best-in-class, worldwide. An intuitive on-screen menu provides you with added convenience and ease-of-use. The accompanying élégance® Diabetes Management Software is a well-proven tool for selfmanagement and a greater understanding of your diabetes status. The AST (Alternative-Site Testing) feature allows you to use a sample from your Palm, Forearm, Upper arm, Calf and Thigh – making your monitoring experience as comfortable and as painless as possible. The élégance® glucometer range complies with the stringent ISO 15197:2015 guidelines for greater accuracy and precision.


  • Amperometric biosensor technology

  • Just 5 seconds reading time

  • Code-free operation for greater ease-of-use

  • Alternative Site Testing (AST) for more comfortable sampling from the palm, forearm, upper arm, calf and thighs

  • Full compliance with latest ISO 15197:2015 standard

  • élégance® Diabetes Management Software for active self-management

  • Longer shelf life and open vial stability

Reference system: YSI 2300
Probe: whole blood (capillary)
Compliance Verification Agency: SGS Taiwan Ltd.
(Verification Report No. RL72017/2003C)


Accuracy Analysis

Reference system: YSI 2300
Probe: whole blood (capillary)
Compliance Verification Agency: SGS Taiwan Ltd. (Verification Report No. RL72017/2003C)

100 % of the results of both élégance® glucometers fall within the zones A and B of the error grid. Thus, both élégance® glucometers surpass the requirements and fully comply with the latest ISO 15197:2015. A detailed report on the CT-X11 and CT-X12 compliance to ISO 15197:2015 is available on request.


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Starting as a micro business enterprise in New Delhi, India we have big dreams. Due to our passion for health care products, we look forward to provide our customers with the highest quality of health care products, that are guaranteed to meet their needs and keep them satisfied! With a motivated team, we strive to be the creative minds that bring a smile to your face. That’s why we’re always looking for innovative new ways to get the best to you.


Our vision is to be customer's obvious choice by providing quality health care products through advanced innovative and reliable services


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Convergent Technologies is an emerging leader in the field of Integrated Healthcare Solutions. We strive to provide innovative and cost- effective healthcare solutions enabling people to live healthier lives.

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REF 1000-1051

élégance® CT-X12 Glucometer Set
Including blood glucose meter,
25 blood glucose test
Strips and 25 lancets

REF 1000-1055

élégance® CT-X12 Glucometer Strips
2×25 Tests

REF 1000-1059

élégance® CT-X12 Glucometer Strips
1×50 Tests

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